Our Services

Beau Monde's Hair Fixing restore self confidence and self esteem along with a natural appearance. Our clients feel complete and they love their images in the mirror. Only Beau Monde's Hair Fixing can achieve those types of results. These custom hairstyles are not only limited to the men who are suffering from baldness but can be used by the men having short hairstyles desiring to keep long hairs in a short period. There are various hair styles patterns to suit your personality and make you look beautiful in just hour's time.

Hair Bonding

Hair bonding basically involves fixing extra strands of hair to your natural hair. This is normally practiced when you have no hair on the front of the scalp. The hair can be affixed to the scalp using a number of hair bonding techniques. In the hair bonding method, the extensions used have a latex plug meant to be glued to your hair for short term use. The additional hair could be real or artificial.

Hair Weaving

This method will give you a more natural and undetectable look. This is one of the safest and healthiest sew-in techniques, is perfect for those who have hair as short as 1 inch and have always wanted a sew-in to add length or fullness to their hair.

Hair Pasting(Silicon Systems)

We provide patch of natural hairs. You will not face any problem after putting natural hair patch. You have to come once between 1 to 1 1/2 months for hair Pasting treatment. Hair can be easily combed and shampooed after the treatment. There is no side effect . Our company is considered as a specialist in providing superior quality Hair Pasting solutions. This is one of the best known, scientifically proven methods that accrue cent percent success. The only disadvantage being that, it needs to be reset as the natural hair grows. However, it is widely appreciated by our wide client base. We ensure that this service is perfectly rendered by the best handpicked hair experts and beauticians in the industry.

Hair Replacements

We provide patch of natural hairs and you will not face any problem. Start to show off that genuine and confident you because Beau Monde's is here to take care of your hair restoration concerns by providing advances and affordable hair replacement systems. Non surgical hair replacement is a real option for hair loss whether in the early or more advanced stages. Modern techniques enable the hair to be restored either gradually or rapidly depending upon client suitability. We will create your designed look to the highest standards with honest professionalism and personalized service.

Ladies Wigs

Ladies Wigs today are stylish, trendy and a very popular fashion item for women of all ages. Wigs are easily suited to fit and match all head shapes, sizes and scalp shades with a variety of cap and hair colours. We are specialized in customized wigs for chemotherapy patients.

Facial Treatment

Does your skin look puffy, or loose, or are you just generally in need of some love for you mug? A facial massage could be just what you need to strengthen or firm up your skin, or to make yourself look younger. On top of the visible benefits, facial massages, just like any other massage, can serve to relax, reduce stress, or simply bring about the feelings of enjoyment from indulging yourself. A facial is a procedure involving a variety of skin treatments including: steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage. We provide treatments for Acne, pimples, dark circles, unwanted hairs. There is no side effect.