Beaumonde Discover the Difference!

Leave your worries behind! We, at Beau Mondes, will make sure that you get the look that you desire and deserve. Beau Mondes creates fitments made of artificial hair fiber that looks absolutely natural, fits you snugly, and matches your countenance perfectly.


Beau Monde's offers state-of-the-art technology in hair weaving. A suitable patch consisting of hair exactly matching with the existing hair of the persons is prepared strictly under hygienic conditions after thoroughly bleaching and disinfecting.


Hair Bonding process is same as hair weaving with the difference that instead of surgical threads, high quality imported clips are used to bond the hair patch. This process does not require servicing. The person can Shampoo,Shower ride and lead a normal life.


We provide patch of natural hairs. You will not face any problem after the patch of natural hair. You have to come once between 1 to 1 1/2 months for hair pasting treatment. Hair can be easily combed and shampooed after the treatment. There is no side effect.